Yearly SIP Calculator for Mutual Fund

Enhanced SIP Calculator with Inflation

What is a yearly sip calculator? | Annual SIP calculator

The yearly SIP Calculator is an easy and magnificent tool for calculating your annual SIP investments to define the total invested value, expected returns, and total maturity benefits along with the inflation rate.

It helps investors to make a smooth investment strategy journey for long-term wealth creation to achieve their future financial goals.

If you want to know the real future value of your total amount after the completion period then deduct the inflation amount from the total maturity amount.


Total Investment: ₹50,000 in 10 years
Estimated Return: ₹28,159.2 in 10 years
Total Inflation Amount: ₹13,750 in 10 years with 5% average annual inflation
Total Amount = Total Investment: ₹50,000 + Estimated Return: ₹28,159.2 = ₹78,159.2 in 10 years

Future Value of your Total Amount = Total Amount: ₹78,159.2 – Inflation Amount: ₹13,750 = ₹64,409 after 10 years

What is a yearly SIP?

A yearly sip is an investment strategy where an investor invests money in any mutual fund or investment plan annually for long-term wealth gain.

As we know, There are 4 types of SIP installment plans. which you can choose and use according to your budget and the basis of your monthly income. most companies provide these options for investors to invest through SIP in mutual funds. overall if we say in brief, you are free to use any option anytime without any boundation.

Which one is better monthly or yearly sip?

If you are confused about monthly and yearly SIP investment plans. that is very easy to comprehend which plan is the best for you between monthly and annual SIP.

Suppose that, you want to invest per annum 60,000 rupes in a mutual fund through SIP, and you are investing 5000 per month, that you can invest easily this amount because that’s too small amount rather than ₹60,000.

The most important thing about monthly SIP is that it reduces market fluctuation risk and increases your annual return because you will have 12 chances in one year, which means you will buy NAVs every month depending on market dynamics (If the market goes high you will get more NAVs with the lesser amount and if the market goes down you will get fewer NAVs ). which will standardize investment risk and will provide average return value in the longer run.

If you want to invest per annum 60,000 through yearly SIP. So, first of all, it can be a big amount for you to invest at one time. suppose that you invest 60000 at a high market price in a mutual fund and then after some days market goes down, so you will lose a big amount compared to 5000 investment amount.

Overall, monthly SIP is the best option to invest in any mutual fund. but you are free to decide on any SIP plan according to your comfort.

Benefits of using a yearly sip calculator?

There are several benefits of using a yearly sip calculator.

  • Using yearly sip calculators helps investors plan their future goals depending on various factors such as invested amount, expected returns, and inflation rate.
  • It helps the investors to calculate their future outcomes so that they can make the investment strategy according to their financial goals and preferences.
  • The yearly SIP calculator helps in comparing various investment plans based on expected returns and investment amount to evaluate which option will suit them to achieve their financial goal strategically well.
  • By using the Yearly SIP calculator investors can gain healthy peace of mind knowing their future expected outcomes to achieve their financial goals easily.

How to use a yearly sip calculator?

  • Access the yearly SIP calculator on your phone or desktop.
  • Just input the all required details such as investment value, expected return, inflation rate, and time period.
  • Now, click on the calculate option.
  • The calculator will show you all the required details, which will help you analyze your investment journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any SIP for 1 year?

Yes, Short-term SIPs involve investing fixed amounts monthly for one year, suitable for short-term financial goals like vacations or emergencies.

Which SIP is the best monthly SIP or yearly SIP?

A Monthly SIP plan is the best option for investing in mutual funds.