Step-Up SIP Calculator

What is the step up in SIP?

Ste-up sip also known as incremental SIP or flexi SIP, STEP-UP means to increase your fixed sip amount periodically over time. as your income grows, it helps the investor achieve their financial goal by allocating more funds towards their investment portfolio.

EXAMPLE: If you are investing 1000 monthly in your SIP plan and you step up by 10% for every year then you have to invest 1100 for the whole 2nd year and 1210 for the whole 3rd year and so on.

What is SIP?

SIP refers to a “systematic investment plan” which is a method of investing in any mutual fund or investment scheme, that allows an investor to invest a fixed amount of money at a regular interval mostly done monthly to get a handsome amount of money to achieve their financial goal.

What are the benefits of stepping up in SIP?

There are multiple benefits of stepping up in your SIP plan.

  • Step Up in SIP is a flexible approach. That allows the investors to start with a lower amount and can gradually increase the amount depending on financial priorities.
  • Stepping up in SIP enhances the power of compounding, increasing the SIP amount leads the higher growth of the invested amount and helps to beat inflation.
  • By increasing the SIP amount consistently, Investors can easily achieve their long-term financial goals.
  • By investing regularly, regardless of market fluctuations, investors can potentially lower the average cost of their investments over time.
  • This magnificent tool can also be used as the SBI, ICICI, HDFC, and other banks’ step-up SIP calculator.
  • This step-up SIP tool also calculates the expected future value of your invested amount with the inflation rate.

How does a step up SIP calculator function?

In a step-up SIP, the investment amount increases periodically. By using this formula we can calculate the upcoming SIP values.


Such as:

  • Pn​ = New investment amount after the step-up.
  • Pn−1​ = Previous investment amount.
  • s = Step-up percentage.

How to use the step-up SIP calculator?

Follow the described steps to use the step-up SIP calculator for your investment history calculation with inflation and the future valuation of your total amount.

  • Access the step-up SIP calculator on our mobile or desktop.
  • Now enter the initial investment amount (e.g., rs 100).
  • Specify the frequency of SIP contributions (usually monthly).
  • Input the expected annual interest rate (e.g., 8%).
  • Input the step-up percentage. (e.g. 10%,15%)
  • Select the investment period.
  • Click on the calculate option.
  • Now you can see the future value of the invested amount with the step-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is step-up SIP better than regular SIP?

Step-up SIP enables investors to increase their investments over time, while in a regular SIP plan, you have to invest a fixed amount for the entire investment period. choice depends on financial goals and preferences.

What are the disadvantages of step-up SIP?

The main disadvantage of a step-up sip plan is the dependence on future income increment.

Is step-up SIP good or bad?

It depends on individual financial goals and preferences, higher market fluctuations may lead not to achieving the expected maturity figure.

Can I Step Up an existing SIP?

Yes, you can step up your existing sip plan depending on various mutual fund companies’ terms and conditions.

Can I pause the step-up in my ongoing SIP plan?

Yes, you can pause the step-up feature in your ongoing SIP plan, but it is subject to the terms and conditions of your mutual fund provider.