SBI SIP Calculator 2024


SBI SIP calculator

This online SBI SIP calculator is specially designed for every SBI mutual fund to compute your investment history depending on the market volatility combined with the annual intermediate inflation rate. It helps to know your future valuation of total maturity as well.

Investing in mutual funds becoming very popular nowadays among investors to increase their wealth over time in the long run. this SBI SIP calculator provides an accurate expected figure of invested value and helps investors efficiently plan their financial goals depending on various factors such as tenure of investment, sip amount, expected rate of return, and market dynamics.

Advantages of SBI SIP calculator

There are various advantages to using the SBI SIP calculator.

  • SBI SIP calculator is a user-friendly online tool that helps an investor check their investment performance by analyzing potential returns over time.
  • SBI SIP calculator accuracy towards the expected return helps investors achieve their financial goals effectivity.
  • you can use it anywhere and can analyze your investment portfolio and plan your future investment accordingly.
  • SBI SIP calculator helps investors mitigate investment risk by analyzing the potential expected return.
  • By using this tool Investors can keep track of their investment progress toward achieving their financial goals and can make essential adjustments.

The formula that is used to calculate SBI SIP return.

Several methods or calculation methodologies can be used to calculate compound interest. Here is the most common formula for compound interest calculation.

The Online SBI SIP calculator uses this compound interest formula to estimate your investments' future value.

SBI SIP Calculator
SBI SIP compound interest calculator formula
  • FV is the future value of the SIP investments.
  • P is the amount invested at each interval (e.g., monthly).
  • r is the monthly rate of return (annual rate of return divided by 12).
  • n is the total number of investments (payments) made over the period.

How to use the SBI SIP calculator?

Using the SBI SIP calculator is straightforward, here are the various steps to use this essential tool.

  • Access the SBI SIP calculator on your mobile or desktop
  • Input the monthly value that you want to invest
  • Select the investment tenure
  • Select the exspseceds rate of returen
  • Choose the inflation rate
  • After filling in all the necessary details click on the calculate option
  • The calculator has all the required figures so you can analyze and plan your investment strategy.


This advanced SIP calculator of mutual funds will help you to calculate your SIP investment with more information, and you can also select the SBI lumpsum calculator to calculate lumpsum investment with inflation, and smart functional features.

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Frequently asked questions

How much is 5000 for 5 years in SIP SBI?

It is a good amount to invest in mutual funds through the SIP, you can build a high-performance portfolio from this amount for a long period. which will give you a high return. Suppose that,
Monthly Invest: ₹ 5000
Duration (Years): 30
Return Rate (%): 18%
Annual Inflation Rate (%): 3.5

Your Total Investment History:

Total Investment: ₹18,00,000.00
Estimated Return: ₹6,98,26,445.87
Total Inflation: ₹2,33,03,132.54
Total Amount: ₹7,16,26,445.87
Real Value in Future: ₹2,51,03,132.54

Can I invest 1000 ₹ per month in SIP SBI?

Yes, SBI provides various mutual fund schemes to SIP you can easily start investing from a minimum ₹ 100 to max.

What if I SIP 30000 per month for 5 years?

If you Monthly Invest: ₹ 30000
Duration (Years): 5
Return Rate (%): 25%
Annual Inflation Rate (%): 3.5


Total Investment: ₹18,00,000.00
Estimated Return: ₹17,95,331.74
Total Inflation: ₹12,18,895.33
Total Amount: ₹35,95,331.74
Real Value in the Future: ₹30,18,895.33

Can I withdraw SIP anytime?

Yes, You can withdraw your sip amount at any time. the amount will be deposited in your direct bank a/c within 5 working days.