Daily SIP Calculator

Daily SIP Calculator with Inflation

Daily SIP calculator has been primarily developed for making a smart 🤓 strategy for daily SIP investment in mutual funds. It is a beneficial SIP calculator tool for daily investment in mutual funds through SIP. It helps to calculate your entire investment journey and gives you an estimated (rough) idea of future valuation with inflation rate, Total maturity, Total returns, and more.

What does Mean of Daily SIP in Mutual Funds?

If we say briefly, Daily SIP could be more reliable than Monthly SIP because daily SIP you can start with a small amount rather than monthly SIP for investment in mutual funds.

Suppose, You are spending an unusable 20 to 50 rupes daily. And you’re a young boy so you should not miss this golden opportunity for your future. You should start daily SIP with a minimum amount of ₹20. That can make you (90%) crorepati after the 30-year letter.

However, Monthly SIP is a popular method for investment in mutual funds because, In monthly SIP you have to pay once a month, and if you choose daily SIP you will pay the daily amount of your selected investment, Which makes it boring.

How Does Daily SIP Calculator Work?

Daily SIP calculator works on compound interest mathematics formula to calculate your daily investment in mutual funds and calculates exact data of your investment (investment history) and Total maturity amount over time.

Example here:

Daily SIP Calculator
Daily SIP Calculator


  • A = the future value of the investment
  • P = the principal investment amount (daily investment)
  • r = the annual interest rate (as a decimal)
  • n = the number of times interest is compounded per period (365 for daily compounding)
  • t = the time the money is invested for in years


  • Daily Investment (₹): ₹10
  • Annual Interest Rate (%): 12
  • Inflation Rate (%): 5
  • Number of Years: 30

Let’s calculate:



Now, let’s solve this equation to find the future value of the investment.

After calculating, the future value of your investment with daily SIP over 30 years, assuming an annual interest rate of 12% and an inflation rate of 5%, is approximately ₹1,567,890.52. (₹1.56 lakh.), Total Maturity: ₹10,82,476.97

How to use Daily SIP Calculator?

It’s easy to use, just fill in the required input and then calculate.

  1. First of all, choose the amount of daily SIP.
  2. And then select estimated the annual Interest Rate.
  3. Select time period of your investment.
  4. Select Inflation (currently India’s inflation rate is an average of 5.1%)
  5. Finely your calculation on your front with full history and maturity, inflation, returns, investment all about your investment.

Benefits of Post Office SIP Calculator

There are several benefits of a daily SIP calculator.

  • It provides an accurate calculation of your investment based on investment time, invested amount, and expected rate of return.
  • It helps the investor to project their financial goal by analyzing future maturity value over the period.
  • This tool helps investors to save time and provides the actual data within no time.
  • It provides financial awareness by providing future estimated value.
  • It allows the investors to monitor their investment portfolio too. make necessary adjustments.
  • It helps investors enhance their confidence by providing clear insights into their investment return to plan future investments.

Our Last word about it

It is an incredible tool for daily investors through SIP, That helps to make a strong mindset of plans or achievements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Daily SIP better than monthly?

Daily SIP is a better option as compared to monthly SIP If you want to invest a small amount daily such as ₹20, ₹50, ₹100, and if you can invest ₹1000 or more then the best option will be monthly SIP.